Our Mission and Vision
Sanyog is a diversified healthcare company committed to make healthcare efficient and assessable. We focus on reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing productivity. Our products and services will help clinicians to achieve optimal outcome of healthcare intervention.
Sanyog dedicates its expertise and resources for delivery of quality and
assessable medication to patients at affordable price by:
Making healthcare cost effective. We focus on reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing productivity.
Offering customized business models to ease Clinicians in running their businesses.
Fulfilling continuous requirements of our hospital & retail pharmacy customers.
Achieving sustainable growth through better planning, good organizational structure, efficient use of resources and operational efficiency.
Bringing business which is growing continuously, expanding our footprints in diverse healthcare services and balancing our business in Healthcare space.
Acquiring and retaining talent through clear expectation and robust selection process with continuous training and developmental programs.
Building Internal training campus for/across the organization where all employees can work together with confidence and trust.
Improving system and process by adopting right policies, better communication and work description.
Creating culture and climate to make it a rewarding place to work and develop.
Ensuring all have personal accountability for results and integrity. We will keep our promises, encourage question and follow legal requirements.
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