Relationships with other industry-leading health-care manufacturers are an important part of our success. In addition to our own self-manufactured products, we also market products from hundreds of other excellent manufacturers around the nation. Additionally, we partner with dealers to extend self-manufactured products into the entire continum of care and to reach health-care providers outside the traditional hospital setting.

Our Health suppliers are an integral part of improving service to customers and reducing the total costs of delivering and using supplies. We partner with suppliers who share our commitment to excellence and who have the knowledge and expertise to provide the quality products, superior service, and innovative solutions that will help us make a difference in the health care industry today.

In turn, we offer:

Supply-chain expertise and our effective, efficient distribution network, including innovative product delivery and packaging systems
Marketing resources that can help you achieve more efficient sales and target your products to the customers who need and want them most.
A broad, outstanding network of sales professionals with established customer relationships.
Consultants who work with customers on standardization and utilization initiatives as a means of reducing costs throughout the system..
If your company is a leader in product quality and innovation, dedicated to finding new ways to help your customers help their patients, then it's time you took advantage of the opportunities. SANYOG can offer you. Learn more about becoming a supplier.
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