Supplier Diversity

Diversity is a vital element of success for any organization. This is why SANYOG is committed to encouraging and supporting Diverse Suppliers that meet high quality standards. Organizations across the nation are committed to economic development in their communities and look to Sanyog to award agreements to qualified and dedicated individuals, where appropriate. In turn, we expect all of our suppliers to proactively seek opportunities to support our efforts through strategic partnerships with people of all castes and cultural diversities.

Becoming a Sanyog Supplier requires suppliers to increase efficiency through centralized sales and marketing and networking opportunities. Guided by a highly credential contracting process with extensive member input, suppliers gain increased access to a vast network of organizations.

Through SANYOG’s branded diversity concept, the 6 C’s of Supplier Diversity, the business case becomes evident for organizations.
1. Customers  
Organizations embrace the concept but lack the expertise to implement supplier diversity programs. SANYOG’s expertise helps organizations through program creation and sourcing strategies.
2. Competition
A key differentiator for retention/ recruitment can be gained through an operational diversity strategy for organizations.
3. Compliance
Govt. funded health care organizations are mandated to support if they receiveSarkari grants /bonds, government contracts.
4. Community
Economic vitality is a driving need for supplier diversity. More jobs created and filled in a community, leads to more opportunity and socially responsible individuals.
Supplier base should mirror customers/communities.
5. Customization
Innovation and entrepreneurship are at the core of all successful organizations. Organisations that take these into account are therefore better equipped to respond quicker to changing market conditions or unique opportunities.
6. Costs
A diverse supplier base creates more competition, which leads to aggressive pricing throughout the market, resulting in more effective utilization and better outcomes.
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