Sanyog has been creating healthcare solutions for more than 22 years. We are continuously striving for innovation and improvement for our customers, business partners and organization. In order to optimize supply chain performance we have
initiated one of the largest chain projects in the history of Sanyog. In July 2010, wehave merged the purchasing activities of all our business units to form one automotive central purchasing Hub. This creates a homogeneous structure to optimize purchasing processes for Sanyog as well as for our suppliers. Furthermore, it is the basis for significant quality improvements towards our target of fulfilling requirements of our customers at optimum price band.
Suppliers play a key role in the health care supply chain. Our registered vendors see value through increased supply chain efficiency and increased volume. Sanyog is associated with more than 360 wide‐range healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to deliver unmatched supply savings.
For consistency in fulfilling requirement of the healthcare institution, our supply chain and procurement needs to work together for lower costs and continues supplies to improve patient care. As one of the largest procurement agency Sanyog fulfill requirement of leading private and Government healthcare institutions of India. Sanyog deliver unmatched supply savings through comprehensive product portfolio and customized business models. Sanyog represent one of the largest buying volumes of 35Cr. annually.
Becoming supplier gives visibility to products and services that vendors are offering. This association will increase efficiency through centralized sales, market intelligence and networking opportunities. Guided by a highly credentialed contracting process with extensive member input, suppliers gain increased access to a vast network of organizations.
This new alignment ensures enhanced processes and facilitates smoother purchase and supply operation overall for Sanyog, its customers and suppliers.
Reducing Costs ImprovingEfficiency Increasing productivity
Sanyog has been creating healthcare solutions for more than 25 years with a vision of making it a customer centric organization. This value is evident in our material management department with three arms dedicated to fulfill OPD & IPD requirement of customer – hospitals pharmacies, Govt. institutions and standalone chemist counters. In order to optimize supply chain performance we have merged the purchasing activities of all business units to form one automotive central purchasing hub. Requirements from all the sales counters are tracked on daily basis by our central purchase department and further orders are placed to the manufacturers /suppliers based on economic order value.
To ensure that demands are fulfilled on time, we have our own logistic department that works 24x7. This act of operation excellence has;
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