Industry Standards
Sanyog has long advocated for the advancement of data standards.  Accordingly, collaborating with group purchasing organizations (GPO) industry wide as an active member of Healthcare Supply Chain Association, Sanyog has introduced a set of common, minimum product attributes for suppliers to submit to the standard certifications. This standardized set of attributes will advance data synchronization and simplify the publication of product attributes that meet the requirements of all GPOs, members, even your own organization — simplifying the process for all.

All domestic pharmaceutical products which are marketed by Sanyog are manufactured as per Schedule ‘M’, of the Drug and Cosmetic Rule 1945, Govt. of India.

The Schedule M speaks about good manufacturing practices and requirements of premises, plant and equipment for pharmaceutical products. Also, Sanyog is an ISO: 9001 certified company.

Sanyog pharmacy houses in predominant NABH accredited hospitals where we are 100 percent compliant to MOM.

NABH is an acronym for National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers is a constituent board of Quality Council of India, set up in 2006 to establish and operate accreditation program for healthcare organizations.

MOM is an acronym for management of medication is a quality standard for pharmacies that house in NABH accredited hospitals, where the pharmacy complies with good policies and procedures for storage and administration of medicines.

Good storage and distribution practices (GSDP)
SANYOG is in practice of GSDP for physical, chemical, microbiological bioavailability and stability attributes that a drug product should maintain in order to be deemed suitable therapeutic or diagnostic use.

All receiving and dispatches are documented

Maintenance of batch in bulk & loose receiving and bulk & loose dispatches
Maintenance of expiry in bulk & loose receiving and bulk & loose dispatches
First Expiry First Out maintenance by storage

A complete record maintained which documents our ownership of entire transaction of each product

Regulation of distribution:
All national legislation in place to regulate the activities of entities involved in the distribution of products (suppliers, customers)

Organization and Management:
Responsibilities are distributed as per the sections to individual executive. Also, job description and KPIis documented

Quality system:
Storage of drugs and maintenance of temperature in warehouse and cold storage is maintained

Emergency medical services:
Warehouse is running 24 hrs and vehicles and field staffs are Maintained forsupplies in multiple shifts

Premises Warehouse:
We have self-owned premises and warehouse (40,000 sq. ft. area)

Vehicle & equipment:
We are maintaining 8 pick-up vans

Dispatch & Received:
Entire process is documented through gate pass, challan, bills, packing slips etc.

Security of product in transit:
All vehicles carrying stock are accompanied by field staff for safe delivery.

Returned products:
It is documented which products are having less than 60 days shelf life or breakages, come back to a well-defined section of warehouse and proper software system is maintained for Debit notes and adjustments to return it to the supplier

Inspection activity:
Internal inspection is done quarterly and Drug authority inspection is done half yearly which is maintained on inspection book of drug department

Risk management:
To ensure products efficiency in different phases of supply chain, following things are looked after by maintenance department
• Vibration
• Temperature excursions
• Tampering in sterile packing
• Ingress of water or oxygen

Product recall:
It is maintained as per the norms given by the manufacturer and by nursing staff of hospitals through doctor’s certificate

Training program:
If it is outsourced training program, then it is documented otherwise we have got daily performance navigator based on KPI’s or key performance indicators.

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