Good Pharmacy Practice
Facilities :

Premises: All premises are easily located and identified by the patients. We provide comfortable dispensing windows in each pharmacy for the customer.

Furniture-Fixtures: All the pharmacies are protected from dust, moisture and excessive sunlight exposure. The room temperature inside the pharmacies are maintained as per the guidelines

Equipments: All the pharmacies are equipped with refrigerated storage facilities which are validated from time to time

All pharmacies are having the required number of registered pharmacists.

All pharmacy staff are trained for prescription assessment, communication skills and correct physical drug identification.
Quality Policy :  All drugs in the pharmacy inventory are being purchased directly from companies or from a authorized distributor only. Every quarter snap audit of the inventory is being done and products are sent to laboratory for random quality check.

Service Policy :  Dispensing of the medicine is done through a well documentedbill and during dispensing,the senior pharmacist checks the drug and signs before dispensing the bills.

Staff Training Policy : New recruits are given induction training and on the job training in the pharmacies by a senior pharmacist. In addition, every three months, the company organizes operational training

Complaint Policy : Every pharmacy contains a complaint register and customers can put their complaints. Each pharmacy’s complaints are being attended to by a operation manager to take suitable action to solve the problem.

Drug Recall Policy : If a batch of any drug is having a quality issue, immediately a drug recall form is filled up and simultaneously all such sub-standard drugs are withdrawn from all the pharmacies. Documented information along with samples goes to the manufacturing company and drug authority within 24 hours.

Audit policy : Inventories, quality and storage units are audited periodically by the management team.

Documents & policy: Each pharmacy should have all the following documentations
(a) Standard working procedure
(b) Operation manual
(c) Complaint records
(d) Internal audit records
(e) Policy manual and staff job descriptions.
Process :
Procurement : All the procurements are maintained by batch, expiry, bulk or loose. All the purchases are from direct manufacturers or authorized vendors. A complete record is maintained of entire transaction from procurement to the sales of each product.

Inventory Management : Inventory is managed on the basis of sales. Inventory is managed by returning of the dump inventory to the respective sources of procurement.

Storage Management : Cold storage units are maintained for inventory storage. It is monitored and documented for in each pharmacy twice a day.

Prescription Handling : Each prescription is being checked by the pharmacist to ensure proper therapeutic aspects, legality and the completeness of the prescription, potency, dosage and quantity. It is only after delivery of this knowledge, the drug is dispensed to the patients.

Patient Counselling : Each patient, whoever has been given the drug is verbally informed how to take the medication, how often and when.

Pharmacovigilance : The pharmacist after dispensing, alerts the patient always to the occurance of adverse effects, expected or unexpected, if any.
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