The demand for eco-friendly health care combined with increasing cost means the need has never been greater to implement sustain ability at every level in the hospital. Sanyog's eco-friendly Purchasing Program provides the necessary framework for members to implement and maintain a sustainability program.
Sanyog is passionate about creating a sustainable health care delivery culture. We support eight sustainable practices and encourage our suppliers and members to do the same:
1. minimization of packaging
2. use of recycled and recyclable content in products and packaging
3. support of device re-manufacturing
4. disclosure of all information regarding the chemical and material composition of products and reduction of the use of materials of concern
5. reduction of the amount of energy and water in operations, distribution, packaging and logistics
6. Investment in the use of alternative energy sources for manufacturing and distribution
7. move toward sustainable and renewable raw materials
8. support of organizations that extend the life of surplus equipment and supplies
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