Data Management
Since 1997, we applied complete computerization now striving for an advanced Web-based pharmacy management applications for accurate picture of Hospital requirement. Customizable tools and reports will help in evaluation and decision making.
We aim to build a robust IT system to support our sales and procurement application which provides knowledge at the point of requisition to improve decision making.
Data Management Ladder for each decision
Highly regulated market.
Robust data management for each sale and purchase.
Centralized process for better control and efficiency.
Customized tools for material management –all branches.
Business Intelligence
Trends and scope.
Opportunities assessment.
Analytical applications deliver valuable information to compare price competitiveness.
Business Intelligence applications will help to understand how right purchase decision can effect the performance / outcome of the services.
Sourcing and contracting value for money
Managing high number of SKUs, Drug Formulary.
Price benchmarking.
Evidence base decision making.
Problem solving.
Assessment and planning.
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