Advocacy Efforts
Sanyog takes a proactive leadership role in industry-related organizations) , Healthcare Group Purchasing Industry Initiative (HGPII) and GS1. Through these organizations, Novation is able to effect change on legislative and regulatory issues to ensure an open, transparent and competitive market within the health care industry. When appropriate, we advocate independently through our lobbying partners in Washington, D.C.
Through its supply chain and clinical expertise, Sanyog is committed to offering the most current and relevant tools, resources, and products related to patient safety. Our safety advocacy promotes the delivery of quality patient care, providing a safe environment to patients, their families and caregivers.
Sanyog is committed to being a vocal and active advocate on issues that are relevant to the suppliers members. Sanyog is at the forefront of industry issues with knowledge experts focused on key health care and industry trends, and solutions that address member and industry issues.
Sanyog aggressively advocates for member contracting-related issues and the most critical issues facing health care providers today, including price performance, intelligence-driven contracting, patient safety, product safety, new technology and industry standards. As the industry leader, Sanyog provides innovative contracting services that help drive down health care supply costs.
Environmentally Preferred Purchasing
Environment friendly
The demand for environment friendly health care delivery combined with increasing cost pressures means the need has never been greater to implement sustainability at every level in the hospital. Novation’s Environmentally Preferred Purchasing Program provides the necessary framework for members to implement and maintain a sustainability program.

Sanyog is passionate about creating a sustainable health care delivery culture. We support eight sustainable practices and encourage our suppliers and members to do the same:
minimization of packaging
use of recycled and recyclable content in products and packaging
support of device remanufacturing
disclosure of all information regarding the chemical and material composition of products and reduction of the use of materials of concern
reduction of the amount of energy and water in manufacturing and distribution
Investment in the use of alternative energy sources for manufacturing and distribution
move toward sustainable and renewable raw materials
support of organizations that extend the life of surplus equipment and supplies
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